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Youtube Haiti News Today 2021

Haiti News Today 2021

You can follow the latest Haiti news online by watching the latest videos posted on YouTube. Prime Minister Ariel Henry fled to the US on July 7 after violence broke out in Gonaives. The country has long experienced political instability aggravated by US invasions and uprisings against repressive regimes. Since Moise’s assassination, armed gangs have tightened their grip on the country.

Gonaives violence forced Prime Minister Ariel Henry to flee

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry was forced to leave his home in the town of Gonaives on Saturday after a gun battle left one person dead. Prime Minister Henry’s office says there are now arrest warrants out for two suspects. There were reports of one death and two other injuries in the shooting. Prime Minister Henry reportedly fled the town for safety, ducking out of a cathedral.

Ariel Henry and his entourage were attacked while leaving a church in Gonaives during an event commemorating the country’s independence. The attack, which left one dead and two injured, prompted security forces to evacuate him and his entourage. The attack has raised concerns about the safety of Haitian officials. However, he did not return to the scene of the violence. The incident is currently under investigation and a full report will be released soon.

The Prime Minister’s office also alleged that the group had tried to kill the bishop. The group had been hiding behind a wall and threatening him, but the prime minister said they had not succeeded. He has issued arrest warrants for the perpetrators. A spokesperson for the National Police said they were now working to secure the area and are awaiting Henry’s arrival. But the country’s political situation is not stable yet.

Political instability fuels fears of unrest

Concerns over the potential for political instability in Haiti are growing as the country’s current crisis drags on. The Biden administration and U.S. intelligence community are concerned about the ongoing crisis in Haiti. After the assassination of former President Moise in July, Ariel Henry has taken over as president. It is unclear if Henry can keep the peace, and a new presidential election could challenge his fragile authority.

The United States, Organization of American States, and European Union are urging the government to hold elections in Haiti. While the United Nations has a commitment to manage the election fund, EU and U.S. officials have concerns over the credibility of these elections. Meanwhile, the Haitian people are still not provided with birth certificates or voter registration cards. And armed gangs have been spreading across the country.

As a result, there is a growing number of Haitians with varying levels of mental illness, which may exacerbate the situation. The recent earthquake has exacerbated the problem. In August, gangs and other criminals terrorized communities. During the August 2021 earthquake, the country was hit by a powerful earthquake. As a result, 4.9 million people will need help in the coming years.

The government has also failed to hold elections to re-elect the parliament. The result has been a series of controversies, including accusations of corruption. The country’s president allegedly benefited from a corrupt scheme before taking office. This has been denied by Moise. But the opposition and the civil society groups are worried about what could happen if the current government does not hold an election.

While the government continues to work to restore order in Haiti, it is not without risk. Diseases like malaria and dengue have spread across the country, and cholera was introduced by UN peacekeepers after the 2010 earthquake. Since then, cholera has killed more than ten thousand people and infected more than one million others. However, the most important thing for foreign nationals to do is remain in touch with the embassy and monitor local media. In addition, they should also ensure their vehicles are well fueled and have enough supplies to last the time. In case communication fails, they should also have a plan to return home. Lastly, they should keep their mobile phones charged.

While some Haitians are accusing the international community of interfering in their internal affairs, others seek security assistance for the next elections. Either way, a complete unraveling of Haiti will have enormous implications for the United States. The country is only about 900 miles away from the Caribbean, and any unrest in Haiti will have major implications for both countries. Currently, more than 17,000 Haitians have been sent home from abroad since September. Currently, the International Organization for Migration receives these returnees.

Haiti’s general elections scheduled for mid-2022

After a year of turmoil, a recent agreement among the political parties and the diaspora has laid the groundwork for a new provisional electoral council and elections in Haiti’s second half of 2022. This will be the first sitting parliament in over a year. The country was under one-man rule under Jovenel Moise when the earthquake struck in July. The subsequent earthquake, and tropical storm, brought further instability to the already chaotic nation.

The United States has recognized that elections in Haiti may be delayed until mid-2022. However, the country has faced repeated crises and is increasingly impoverished. Although the United States and other countries had urged Haiti to hold its elections this year to restore its shaky legitimacy, the prime minister last week dismissed the members of the Provisional Electoral Council, putting off the elections indefinitely.

The country is highly vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic, with its devastating effects on the economy. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the situation, shutting down the country for several months in 2020. Foreign assessments of the country’s business environment found that foreign investors in Haiti believed that the risks of doing business were higher than in other Caribbean countries. Nevertheless, the Haitian market is expected to recover as the country holds its general elections in mid-2022.

The PHTK is the main party in the government, and it is the dominant force in the country. In the 2016-2020 parliament, 24 parties are represented. Just three are women. Most of the seats are allocated to the PHTK and its allies. The leadership often changes parties within a calendar year. Most leaders do not support well-developed programs or public policy issues. In fact, Jovenel Moise barely refers to the PHTK. However, several PHTK members have accused him of betraying the party.

The central bank is the country’s regulator, which oversees the currency, inflation and foreign exchange policy. Its governor is independent and operates independently, but sometimes political interference hinders its operations. The IMF has also said that the monetary policy in Haiti is adequate for protecting its reserves and maintaining low inflation. Further, Haiti’s economy has been fragile, and its economy is vulnerable to shocks. It’s a dangerous time for the country’s people.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented major economic growth in the country, the political instability and impunity have stunted its progress. In addition, Haiti’s human development index (HDI) score has decreased by nearly a full point since its first tally in 2011. Despite the deteriorating situation, the country’s major indicators of development were already on the downward slope prior to the March 2020 elections.



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