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UPC Barcode: Everything you should know

If your business is to sell products online, you have to buy UPC. It is a must requirement as it helps to differentiate your products from other brands. For example, if your company manufactures ketchup, there are so many brands in the market selling ketchup. Your unique UPC will help to distinguish your brand’s ketchup. Moreover, UPC eases the work of retailers to track inventory. When you introduce your product in the global supply chain, UPC barcodes are printed on labels and packaging. This blog helps you understand UPC barcodes in detail.

UPC Barcodes

GS1 regulates the UPC barcodes so the global supply chain can work efficiently. Throughout the USA, these barcodes are in practice. This barcode will be twelve digits long, where the first 6 digits represent the ‘UPC Company prefix’, the next 5 digits represent ‘item reference number’, and the last digit represents ‘Check Digit’. This whole barcode is a unique 12-digit number.

The barcode is scanned at checkouts and also when logging the inventory. On scanning, it provides information like brand name, price, and others. The digits in a barcode are read using a scanning device by comparing the widths and heights of the bars to the widths of the spaces between them. With the help of barcode software, the scanner recognizes the sequence of digits and remembers the product’s data on your device.

Early, UPC was introduced to the grocery industry. But by today, it is widely used in all sectors. UPC barcodes allow businesses to program their POS systems with prices and other relevant information for individual products, in addition to making it easier to specify products.

How does UPC work?

UPC is a production identification tool and not a price tag. On scanning, by reading the product information, the POS system defines the latest price of the item. This price was updated by the retailer before introducing the product. Using a UPC, retailers are able to edit any information like item color, shape, etc.

Moreover, for each unique product, you should apply for a UPC. Even if you have sugar packaging in 2kg and 5 kg. You have to apply for 2 UPCs – for each weight measurement. The UPC does not provide information about the country from which the product was imported. So, country prefixes fix this problem.

Take Away!

Always buy UPC in bulk as it offers discounts while a single UPC is much more expensive. If you need any help regarding buying UPCs, leave a comment.



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