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Top 21 best .io games for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Are .io games popular on iOS as they are on other platforms?
The .io games genre might just have had its day if the drying up of the once constant stream of new entries is anything to go by.
There was a time just a couple of years ago when the .io genre was the hot ticket in mobile and browser-based gaming. You could barely walk down the street without some larger being threatening to gobble you up.
Perhaps some explanation is in order here. The .io genre generally consists of simple online arena-based games, in which the name of the game is to survive and grow.
It all started with a browser-based game called from Brazilian developer Matheus Valadares. The .io name came from that particular domain name.
Its simple, massively multiplayer, every-person-for-themselves gameplay started a wave of imitators and alternatives, and thus the informal .io genre was born.
More recent examples have folded in all manner of influences from other genres, from battle royale (which seemed to develop in tandem) to whatever other genre was the flavour of the month.
Have we missed your favourite .io game for iPhone off this list? Let us know in the comments below. is a simple game but one that seems to be very popular! This .io game for iPhone and Android is very straightforward, you get to be a long, wiggling worm, moving around a world of dots and other worms. You can eat the dots to grow bigger, making yourself slither along and grow. As you grow bigger, you have the ability to cut off other worms to destroy them, into a pile of dots, that you can then continue to consume and grow with. Don’t miss out on our redeem code list! is a 2D, physics-based game where you play as a small car with a massive, spiked ball attached to it. This ball can be swung left and right as you drive, smashing into players and destroying their cars. You can also fling your ball out, getting rid of it until you click to retrieve it. Brutal has turrets that steal your energy and is a pretty fun physics-based game! reminds me a lot of Humans Fall Flat. There are a bunch of different ragdoll characters trying to survive, looking to be the last one standing, while you all flail, attack and grab each other in attempts to keep yourself in the game. Unlike other .io games, this one has a bunch of different arenas instead of the same background – which adds something pretty interesting in the genre. is a magic-themed battle royale game, as you might have guessed based on the name. This battle arena game has you battling other players, collecting loot, leveling up your characters and collecting weapons – there is a lot going on in this game! You can even find different game modes, which helps stand out.
A wintry take on the genre, has you making a huge snowball – like the start of a snow person while bumping other players off of the map and making sure yours is the biggest. You can also make smaller snowballs, which then can be thrown at your opponents, which will help knock them out of the game!
On a giant, colourful platform, has you bashing all of the other enemies who have joined your world, becoming larger and taking on their powers as you beat them down! You have a huge hammer to help you out and the last person standing is deemed the winner, allowing you to soldier on and take on more challenging people! 2 is one of my favourite .io games! This game has you appearing in a primarily white world, as a coloured cube. As you move around, you leave a trail, which once connected becomes an area of your colour. You want your colour to be the biggest area, but others can carve it up and if you run into their trails, you will find yourself dying too! It’s simple and fun.
This is a game full of blades! Playing as a circle, you can gather knives which will then spin around you. If you get too close to other players, your knives will attack theirs and both will be deflected back out into the arena, with whoever got cut too much dying completely. The arena also has obstacles to move around, making it a bit more challenging if you get too large! is similar to 2, in the way that your aim is to capture the world by moving around and connecting tiles to your main area of colour. However, instead of the free form shapes that you can make in 2, is full of hexagons, which you can add through moving over them. This gives you a slightly bigger area to work with. is a cute .io game where you play as a tiny mouse who lives in a large world of animals – all of which are dangerous and controlled by other players! You need to find food, not get eaten, and grow into new animals to advance through the food chain. After a while, you’ll find yourself hunting and growing on your own.
Another entry from casual masters Voodoo, which this time sees you engaging in a potent mash up of bumper cars and sumo wrestling. Barge your online opponents off the edge and eat ice cream to become bigger and stronger.
This 3D arena battler sees you chucking axes at your foes as a Viking warrior. is far more fleshed out than your average .io game, with multiple modes and a pronounced progression system. It’s the .io genre all grown up.
Here’s the game that started the whole .io craze off in the first place. is all about growing your cell as much as possible, gobbling up the smaller play cells as you go. It looks pretty ropey these days, but still plays great. Of course, it deserved the mention on our list of best .io games on iPhones.
It’s not labelled as an .io game, but Crash of Cars certainly follows the ‘every person for themselves’ .io template. This time, though, the carnage is automotive and the graphics are uncommonly slick.
The creator of returned with a cracking take on the genre he spawned. is an altogether deeper, richer, and more tactical affair with tanks.
The .io genre has always been the bright and breezy brother of the Battle Royale genre, and brings the two even closer. It’s essentially a top-down, heavily simplified PUBG. Something you can expect from an .io game on iOS! switches the view to side-on and gives you a little fighter plane to buzz around in. Make like Maverick and dogfight your way to victory.
Most .io games are not particularly pretty or packed full of detail. is both, with 100 player-controlled 3D robots waging glorious war on one another.
An appealingly chunky, 3D take on the whole multiplayer Snake concept. Slither your creature around an object-filled town, knocking stuff over and fencing rivals in.
It’s Snake, but multiplayer. Or, if you want to be cooler, a casual version of the Tron bike-maze game. Guide your creature around an arena, attempting to trick your enemies into crashing into your extended tail. pinched the ‘control a hole’ premise from Donut County ahead of that game’s launch, which was a bit naughty. But it then applied that to the massively multiplayer .io genre, so it’s not a total clone. And it’s undoubtedly fun.



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