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Top 10 best cooking games for iPhone and iPad (iOS) – Pocket Gamer

What’s cooking? These ten iPhone games, that’s what
What’s cooking? These ten iPhone cooking games, that’s what. And we mean that quite literally.
You might be surprised how popular cooking games for iOS are. We’ve got the Google search data to back it up.
Contrary to the commands of our parents, it seems we all love playing with our food. And when you look at the tasty gaming delights that we’ve included in the following list, it’s not hard to see why.
Here are the best strategy games for iOS and the best console and PC conversions for iPhone and iPad!
If you find yourself hungering for a fresh cooking game on your iPhone or iPad, check out one of the following on your App Store. Or download them all and have yourself a virtual smorgasbord.
Campfire Cooking makes for a seriously tasty amuse-bouche on this five-course tasting menu. It’s also quite different from your average casual cook ’em up, taking a form more in line with a grid-based block-sliding puzzler, but with tasty foodstuffs taking the place of abstract blocks.
Campfire Cooking uses the whole concept to apply a welcome spin to a vaguely familiar format. Mmm, delicious. If you’re not sold yet, read our Campfire Cooking review. We’re surely impressed with both the concept and the gameplay.
Diner Dash was arguably the original mobile cooking game – or at least, the one that spawned a thousand management clones. Its brand of time-sensitive restaurant management really captured the popular mood, and so it’s a title that we cannot simply overlook.
Cooking Dash is the purest take on that original format currently on the App Store, with a frenetic pace and chirpy presentation. The game asks you to juggle multiple cooking and serving tasks simultaneously without trying your customers’ patience.
In food terms, it’s a good solid meal that is cooked well by using a tried and tested recipe.
Hungry Hearts Diner is one of the iOS cooking games with a touching story. You play as an elderly woman, who has to look after her family’s restaurant on her own. Her life has changed so much over the last few years – and through cooking, you can learn her story and why she loves her diner. Serving customers a number of different foods will allow you to make money and learn about them as well.
The story is adorable, heartwarming, and adds a lot of depth to this iPhone cooking game.
Cooking Mama had been a huge hit on Nintendo DS before it made its way over to iOS in Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook! Second restaurant openings are always tricky, but this one retains just enough of the original’s magic.
The idea is to cook a number of recipes to order, using touchscreen gestures to fulfil each stage of the process. In a series of tasty minigames, you’ll chop onions, ice cupcakes, mince beef, and more. All in all, Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook! is one of the best cooking games for iOS – not to mention the cutest.
Mucho Taco is the iOS cooking game reimagined as an idle tapper. Or rather, swiper. It’s up to you, a budding restaurateur, to roll up countless tacos in a bid to earn more money.
The more money you make, the more taco stands you can buy across the city. The more taco stands you have, the more money you make. It’s a familiar yet compulsive reward loop, made all the more appealing by the tasty central premise. Mucho Taco is a pretty impressive game, and if you want to know whether or not it is up to your taste standards, you should read our Mucho Taco review.
The Toca series is easy to overlook for its overt kiddie focus. But these little gaming morsels are extremely popular for their accessible, bite-sized nature. Toca Kitchen 2 is the perfect case in point.
In this game, you can combine ingredients to form tasty recipes, which can then be served up in full 3D. While it’s not going to blow your tastebuds away, Toca Kitchen 2 is a pleasantly light palate cleanser of a game – and an educational one at that.
If you are a fan of SpongeBob – there is a cooking game for you! Surprisingly, you will start off making pancakes – as if that is something that you’d have in Bikini Bottom – but over time can work up to Krabby Patties and other foods that are actually from the TV series.
SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off works like a lot of other cooking games for iPhone, with you behind a counter quickly cooking to serve customers. There are a lot of in-game events, however, that keep things interesting! Definitely worth a shot if you’re a fan of the series.
If you want to play one of the cooking games for iPhone with your friends, Too Many Cooks is your best bet! This game is fast-paced, with timed levels where everyone needs to communicate and work together to fulfil as many orders as possible.
Each player has a different screen with limited placements – allowing you to hold stations and items. There are thought bubbles that can be used to request items from other team members, but it is best played all in the same room where you can shout at each other!
Good Pizza, Great Pizza is an adorable pizza-making game! You are looking to have the best pizza shop in town – with your own rival right across the street. You will need to manage your pizzeria – ensuring that you make money and satisfy customers.
Sometimes customers seem to speak in codes, so you will need to decipher what they are saying to make the pizza correctly. The graphic style of Good Pizza, Great Pizza is pastel and fun too – making for a really pleasing game.
Cook To The Beat combines culinary prowess with a rhythm-action game. That means it’s fairly simple to pick up and play since we’re all quite familiar with this genre by now. Throughout the game, you’ll be able to customize your own animal chef with a variety of zany aprons and hats, to ensure they also look the part.
If you are vaguely familiar with the genre, you might already expect the stages to become increasingly more difficult the more you play. That’s one of the game’s aspects that makes Cook to the Beat not everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s still a terrific game to wrap up our best cooking games for iPhone and iPad list.




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