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2021 was a stressful year for multiple reasons. For a lot of us, apps helped us get through it. Here are the best ones, according to Google.
Google just announced its winners for the ‘Google Play Best of 2021’ awards, highlighting the very best Android apps of this past year. As much talk as there is about smartphone hardware, it’s important to remember that applications are just as important. They’re the things people use on their phones every single day. Whether it be Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, or something else, smartphones are just vessels that hold and run all of our favorite apps.
The importance of apps has been on full display over the past couple of years. In a world where loads of people had to stay home, apps like Zoom and Google Meet kept them connected with family and colleagues. For folks not comfortable going back to the movie theater, apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max are excellent substitutes.
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Looking to highlight the best of the best apps of this year, Google just announced the winners of its Google Play Best of 2021 awards. At the top of the list with the title of Best App, Google gave its most prestigious award to Balance. Created by Elevate Labs, Balance is a ‘Meditation & Sleep’ app designed to help users better manage their stress, follow guided meditation sessions, and improve the quality of their sleep. Considering all of the stress and anxiety so many of us faced in 2021, it’s difficult to imagine there being a better choice for this year’s winner. Google also chose Pokémon UNITE as its Best Game for 2021 — a game that’s essentially League of Legends with Pokémon characters. What’s not to like?
Along with Google’s own selections, the User’s Choice category saw Paramount+ and Garena Free Fire MAX being selected for the best app and game, respectively. Paramount+ launched this past March as yet another streaming service. It has content from CBS, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and has been home to some of this year’s biggest theatrical releases (such as A Quiet Place: Part II and Clifford The Big Red Dog). As for Garena Free Fire MAX, it’s essentially a PUBG-inspired battle royale game that supports up to 50 players per match.
Then there are the winners for Google’s more niche categories. For the Best Everyday Essentials apps, Google crowned Blossom, PhotoRoom, and Rabit. For apps in the Best for Fun category, the three winners are Clubhouse, Noobly, and Whatifi. There are also additional winners for mobile games. Looking at the Best Competitive category, Google gave this title to all of the following: League of Legends: Wild Rift, Marvel Future Revolution, Pokémon UNITE, Rouge Land, and Suspects: Mystery Mansion.
For the first time ever, Google expanded its awards to cover apps specific to tablets, Wear OS, and Google TV. For tablet applications, the best apps include Canva, Concepts, and Houzz. For the Best Wear OS apps, Google chose Calm, MyFitnessPal, and Sleep Cycle. And last but not least, the Popular on Google TV award goes to Disney+, ESPN, and Tubi.
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