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The World War II Diary of Madeline Beck

In “The World War II Diary of Madeline Beck,” the main character, Madeline, is a young girl who makes friends with her German-Jewish neighbors and starts a scrap metal and stocking club to raise money for the war effort. These two clubs are a way for Madeline to get involved in her community and learn more about another aspect of WWII. Her friends and classmates will appreciate her determination and courage to help her fellow countrymen.

Madeline Beck’s life

“My Secret War” is the title of the World Wars II diary of Madeline Beck. In 1941, the young girl lives in a boarding house in Long Island, New York, with her father serving in the Navy. Although she is young, she is very worried about the German U-boats, which can be seen off the shore of her small beach town. She fears that her father might be caught on the attack, and she keeps a diary to remember her experiences of the war.

A close friendship develops between Madeline and her new neighbor, Tom, who helps her through traumatic experiences. Madeline is terrified of losing her father and the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but her friendship with Tom keeps her strong and brave. Throughout the war, she is worried about her father’s safety, and Tom encourages her to become a fighter pilot in the Army. World War II quotes are sure to remind readers of this painful period in history.


In Activities in the World War II Diary of Madeline Beck, the main character, Madeline, is a young girl living in a Long Island boarding house. While worried about her father, she’s also coping with the stress of being a new kid at school and the fear of the Japanese. Madeline’s diary is a unique, highly-imaginative account of the war, which includes details from other characters’ viewpoints.

The diary reveals the experiences of a girl growing up during World War II on Long Island. Madeline’s father, a Navy officer, was stationed in the Pacific. Her diary entries highlight various issues facing home front kids. The diary also describes her plans to form a war activism club in school. The diary captures the feelings of the young girl during World War II, as she describes her crush on Johnny, her fascination with Star Points, and her idea to help the US in the war.


The World War II diary of Madeline Beck is a powerful and poignant novel set during the Second World War. The book follows Madeline’s experiences during the war, mainly in Long Island. Her father is in the Navy, and she finds friendship with German-Jewish neighbors. She also joins a scrap metal and stocking club, which collects items for the war effort.


The diary of a young girl living in a boarding house on Long Island during World War II tells the story of a woman’s experiences as a girl during the war. Madeline joins a student group and helps the war effort, forming close friendships and romances along the way. After witnessing an event on a beach, Madeline becomes involved with the FBI in uncovering Nazi agents. She documents her experiences in her diary and has photographs and illustrations to prove it.

The diary is written by Madeline Beck, who writes in the first person. Other characters contribute to her diary entries, creating a timeline of her life. To create a clear picture of how Madeline’s experiences played out, she does extensive research on World War II. She adds five entries that aren’t included in the book, and creates a model of one battle.

A young orphan named Pierro moves in with his foster mother in Hitler’s home in Austria, and finds herself drawn into circles of secrets, betrayal, and terror. William and Jim, two British brothers who survived the Blitz, begin a new life in Virginia after the war. Lily, a young Hungarian refugee, meets a boy and develops a friendship. During her two-and-a-half years in hiding, she makes friends with him, and tries to stay alive.


The World War II diary of Madeline Beck tells the story of a young girl, living with her mother in a boarding house on Long Island. Her fears about losing her father during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor have her worried, but she finds comfort and friendship in Tom. Her friendship with him strengthens her courage during the war. Madeline makes many friends and develops a love life, which is complicated by her relationship with her father.

In the World War II diary of Madeline Beck, relationships are explored through the eyes of a thirteen-year-old girl. The diary is an account of a young girl’s experiences as she tries to get friends and overcome her fear of war. Madeline’s father is stationed in the Pacific Coast, and the war is a real concern for her family.



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