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November 25, 2021 by No Comments

LEAD — a prominent player in India’s school education technology space — has announced a new initiative to upskill 40,000 teachers across the country, with promises to free up 150 teaching hours for each teacher in 2022.
The announcement was made at the LEAD Innovation Conference held virtually for more than 4,000 schools on November 19.
The Edtech company has launched two online applications — LEAD Teacher App and iHomework — that would upskill as well as make teaching a smooth process for educators.
Here’s how the apps aim to upskill teachers:
— The LEAD Teacher App allows teachers to access more than 200 hours of training and certification material about teaching practices, methodologies, and soft skills such as communication, work ethics, interpersonal skills and adaptability.
— Training is customised to suit the needs and gaps of every teacher.
— iHomework will help teachers save one hour everyday, which adds up to 150 hours for each teacher in a year that they can now use for something more productive.
— iHomework will allow teachers to access a variety of ready-made homework options (MCQs, Videos, Quizzes, Fill in the blanks and so on) and send daily instructions with just a click.
— This will help them track who has completed the homework, who hasn’t and trigger reminders accordingly.
— iHomework also has the ability to correct objective questions and small word answers by reading almost any handwriting. In other cases, teachers can zoom in to read and correct on the app and reward students for their performance.
— The app can also identify learning gaps in students and suggest a remedial plan on the basis of tasks given.
The LEAD Innovation Conference discussed path-breaking innovations for schools, students and teachers to further revolutionise schooling in India, and was attended by LEAD partner schools and teachers across the country.
Through its innovations, LEAD is looking at improving student learning in the classroom, boost student learning at home, and improve teachers’ lives.
LEAD co-founder and CEO Sumeet Mehta said, “At LEAD, we are constantly innovating to empower each stakeholder in the School EdTech space — students with better learning in the classroom and at home, teachers with relevant skills and resources and schools with the required tools to manage their admissions effectively.”
He added, “For teachers, our goal in 2022 is to upskill them with relevant skills and free up 150 hours per teacher, which can be used for something much more productive and meaningful. With our upcoming innovations, we hope we are able to empower them to become super teachers and in turn help students become future leaders.”


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