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November 25, 2021 by No Comments

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The new update has revamped the Erangel map.
PUBG Mobile’s patch 1.5 update is here with a lot of huge changes to the battle royale game.
The biggest of these is the new Evo Ground mode, Mission Ignition. It’s currently live in the game until Sept. 6. In this, a technology and energy company DynaHex has made a lot of transformations to the Erangel map. These have been done to use the map for scientific research.
The transformations in Erangel have been made to Pochinki, Georgopol, School, Military Base, Yasnaya Polyana, and Mylta Power. Other dynamic elements, hyperlines, and air conveyors have also been added in this mode.
PUBG Mobile has also collaborated with American electric vehicle company Tesla in patch 1.5. As a part of this, a Tesla Gigafactory has been constructed on Erangel. Players can assemble a self-driving Model Y here and also other vehicles like the Cybertruck.
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