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LogicalDOC Document Management System

LogicalDOC Document Management System

LogicalDOC Document Management System is an Open Source DMS which offers a variety of features and benefits. It offers easy and fast integration with Active Directory, LDAP and Active Directory, and provides you with a comprehensive set of reports. This DMS is also fully-featured and customizable to suit the needs of a wide range of industries. You can use it in your organization to manage and organize your documents, emails and other digital files. Moreover, the software supports all kinds of platforms, such as Windows, Linux and MacOS. With the help of LogicalDOC, you can easily manage your document and make them available to all your employees, customers and partners.

Open-source DMS

Having a document management system in place can help to protect your information and boost your productivity. It can also provide insights into the documents you are working with.

If you want a document management system that’s easy to use, LogicalDOC is an excellent choice. The open-source document management software offers a web-based interface and can be accessed from just about any location.

In addition, LogicalDOC integrates with a number of other cloud-based software. This means you can share documents with others and collaborate on them, all from one platform. Moreover, you can manage workflow processes and schedule repetitive tasks.

Another great feature of LogicalDOC is its workflow manager, which streamlines document collaboration and reduces email clutter. You can assign tasks to users, and they’ll receive emails when it’s time to complete them. You can also create calendar events that are tied to particular document or workflow processes.

Integration with LDAP and Active Directory

LogicalDOC is a document management software system designed to help organizations streamline their document storage and retrieval. It offers the ability to search through documents by keywords or content. In addition, it allows users to protect individual documents with encryption. Moreover, it features a multi-lingual assistant.

It is available in two different editions – On-Premises and Cloud. Using the Cloud version of LogicalDOC, organizations can reduce the cost of infrastructure and maintenance.

The On-Premises edition is a traditional software package that can be installed in minutes. If you are interested in installing LogicalDOC in your data center, you should know that the installation process is automated.

LDAP and Active Directory integration with LogicalDOC Document Management System is useful for organizations that use Windows-based applications. However, it can be tricky to implement.

First, you will need to configure the connection to your LDAP and Active Directory. Once you have done so, you can test the connection.


LogicalDOC is an open source document management system. The program offers a number of features, including versioning, security, co-authoring and collaborative editing. It is an ideal document management solution for businesses of all sizes.

One of the most important features of LogicalDOC is its ability to search through documents. Users can choose to search by keyword, content, or parameters. This makes it easy for users to find the information they need.

Another feature is the ability to create, share, and archive documents. These features help teams to coordinate their work. In addition to collaborating on documents, the software allows team members to securely access records remotely.

When a document changes, a new version is created. This feature helps improve the efficiency of a business. You can use the drop spot feature to quickly and easily drag and drop files into the repository.

In-house customer support

If you have been looking for an in-house customer support for LogicalDOC Document Management System, you’ve come to the right place. This product offers a variety of features that will help you manage your digital papers.

This document management system allows users to upload documents, edit them, and collaborate on them. It also supports specialized modules to speed up workflow procedures. However, you will need to pay a licensing fee for the use of this software. There are three editions of this software. You can choose from professional, business, and enterprise versions of this software.

The enterprise version includes digital electronic signature tools and the ability to track documents via an RSS feed. All of these features are designed to adhere to legal requirements. While there is an in-house customer support for LogicalDOC, you’ll need to contact them through email.

LogicalDOC is a cross-platform product, which means it works on all major operating systems. However, you will need to connect to a computer network to install the software. Also, you’ll need to pay a per-user license fee.



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