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Android TV may not be perfect, but it’s one of the better smart TV platforms on the market. It gives you access to lots of apps and games, most of which you can download from the Google Play Store. But some Android TV apps aren’t available via Google Play. Fortunately, just like how you can sideload apps onto Android smartphones and tablets, you can sideload apps on Android TV devices. Sideloading on Android TV isn’t as straightforward as phones or tablets, but it isn’t very challenging either.
If you aren’t sure how to sideload an app on Android TV, this article will explain two of the best ways to do so.
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Important: You should only install APKs or app bundles downloaded from trusted sources.
While you can use a web browser, like JioPages, to download APK files directly onto your Android TV, it’s a hassle unless you have a keyboard and mouse connected to the television. So it’s better to download the APK files on your Android phone or computer and then transfer them to your Android TV.
One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by using the Send Files to TV (SFTTV) app. It’s available on the Google Play store for both Android phones and Android TVs.
If you’re trying to install an app bundle, you’ll need to use an app like the APKMirror Installer on your TV to install it. APKMirror Installer lets you install .apkm, .xapk, and .apks app bundle files.
While Send Files to TV is a quick and easy way to send APK files to install on your Android TV, you can also use an app like X-plore File Manager that comes with a built-in Wi-Fi file-sharing function to share files from your Android phone to your Android TV. However, the rest of the process remains the same.
You can also use cloud storage services, like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, to upload APK files from your PC or smartphone and then download them using a file manager that supports cloud storage services.
If you are comfortable with the command line, ADB is one of the easiest ways to sideload apps on your Android TV. As long as you have ADB set up on your PC or Mac, you don’t need extra software to sideload apps onto your Android TV.

Depending on the file size, the command will take a few seconds, and install the app on your Android TV.
Sometimes after sideloading an Android app on your television, you’ll notice its icon doesn’t appear in the app drawer. This is because Android TV requires apps to have a leanback icon to use with the TV’s leanback launcher, and if you have installed an app made for phones and tablets, it won’t have a leanback icon. So you’ll need to use an app like Sideload Launcher to see the sideloaded apps.
These are two of the easiest ways to sideload apps on your Android TV. However, if you install apps made primarily for phones or tablets, you may not get the best experience using them on your TV. Also, some apps may not work at all, or you end up with orientation issues.

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