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Final Jeopardy Answer Today

Jeopardy Answers – Final Jeopardy Answers for Today

The final Jeopardy answer for today is “Molly Fleming, 19th Century Contemporaries.” The statistics for the game on Friday, June 17 are available here. Players Molly Fleming, Liza Veeneman, and Eric Ahasic will compete for the title. In case you’re wondering, the last time a female player won a game was in 2007.

Mattea Roach

It’s hard to believe, but Mattea Roach won Jeopardy today, ending a record-breaking streak. In addition to winning the game, she also added a personal note to her answer, mentioning “thanks for the fun.” However, we’re not sure if she really knew the answer to Citizen Kane. Read on to find out why.

Liza Veeneman

If Liza Veeneman had a million dollars, she would bet it all on “Little Red Riding Hood.” In fact, she would have to wager about $8,398 to win. But that’s okay, as long as she leaves a few bucks behind in case someone bets the entire amount. Today’s final jeopardy question will be a bit tougher for her to answer, as she has to face three opponents.

Eric Ahasic

The final Jeopardy answer today was a meteorologist named Eric Ahasic. The meteorologist is a native of Minneapolis and has been a fan since he was a high school student. The Minnesota native was up against the 16-game super champion Ryan Long, but Ahasic’s nervousness soon dissipated during the game. In the end, he was the victor, winning $160,000 and qualifying for the tournament of champions.

Matt Collins

It has been a long week for Matt Collins, who found the Final Jeopardy Daily Double in “I’m on the Case.” After the game ended, Long still held a nine-point lead over Blythe, who bet $3,000 and finished in last place. However, Long was wrong again. While he may have won in the end, he is not the only person to be shocked by his win.

Blythe Rodgers

The Blythe Rodgers final jeopardy answer today was “I’m on the Case.” She was up by six points on the board with $6,800, while Matt had $10,200. She wagered $3,000 and Matt bet $7,001. She ended up winning the round with $8,400. Blythe was also a finalist for the Daily Double today, but she couldn’t make it to the end with her wager.

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