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Complete Next.js Developer in 2022: Zero to Mastery Review

Zero to Mastery Academy is a subscription-based training course that offers dozens of courses
and extra resources
. Subscription plans are available on a monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis,
and you can pay one time or pay for all of them. However, the monthly and yearly plans offer a
lot more content than the free version. If you are considering joining this training course, make
sure you read the Zero to Mastery review before committing to anything.
ZTM annual plan
The complete junior to senior web developer roadmap course from Zero to Mastery requires
more than a month to complete, but if you plan on working at a slower pace, the monthly plan
is right for you. The annual plan, on the other hand, allows you to take your time and learn at
your own pace. To save 10%, use the promo code FRIENDS10.
Monthly plan
When you’re looking for a complete course on web development, Zero to Mastery is the place
to go. It offers dozens of courses and plenty of additional resources. The subscription plans
are month-to-month, annual, or lifetime. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced
developer, you’ll find what you need at the Zero to Mastery Academy. Here’s what to look for
when choosing a subscription plan.
First of all, a complete NextJS developer course should teach you how to write and implement
server-side functions.
The community behind NextJS has added new features like Serverless
Functions, Framer Activity, and various rendering strategies. Aside from this, a complete
course will also teach you how to build and maintain your own mobile applications with
GraphQL, Airtable, and SEO. It will take you several months to complete the program.
Annual plan
Andrei Neagoie’s “Zero to Mastery” courses have become a cult following, with thousands of
students worldwide. They include Complete Python Developer, Complete Web Developer, and
Complete Machine Learning and Data Science. The name has been expanded to encompass
the entire learning platform, with the Zero to Mastery Academy the flagship offering. In this
Zero to Mastery review, we’ll focus on the Academy’s course offerings.



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