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Best ZuluTrade Reviews In 2022

ZuluTrade is the oldest and most recognized social asset management platform. Traders can copy the transactions of FX and experienced traders in financial markets to achieve automatic trading. However, social elements also enable traders to leave feedback and share ideas. Today, the company has about 2 million users and has executed more than $800 billion transactions. In this ZuluTrade review we will explain its features, how it work, and payment methods.


Once you know the details of your classic login account, then you can start using many valuable features, including:

  • Lock trade: After receiving a signal, you can see that the trade is running.
  • Automater: The “Automater” was introduced in 2016. This can e-mail when an event occurs, or it can automatically take action. This functionality will work based on the rules you have added. For example, if Trader X’s profit and loss are $1500 or more, it locks the current profit. All of this helps to minimize risk and free up time.
  • Social network features: include forums and comments. Here you can review signal providers, provide advice and ask questions.
  • Margin call-O-meter: This estimates your account may be under-funded if you receive a margin call, for example. This will assist you determine how many payment you are putting at risk. However, this is simply an indicator, not an alternative to an effective cash management system.
  • ZuluScript: This allows you to create scripts that form the parameters of the trading bot. These are also commonly known as Expert Advisors (EAs). This allows you to automate transactions and perform much more than you would manually.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Recently added to the portfolio, traders can view whether cryptocurrencies are the next big ones or bubbles.
  • ZuluGuard: A unique feature that protects Copy Radars when irregular transactions are opened by the traders they are following. It’s an additional feature of good risk management.
  • Calendar: Easily access a summary of all important events in financial markets around the world.

How Is It Work?

The Zulu Trade trading platform is working with brokers that offer to trade commodities such as stocks, cryptos, FX, and oil, as well as indices such as NASDAQ. And this platform allows you to replicate the strategy of the top traders. For those trading how it performs, the traders base is divided into two option.

  • Signal providers are usually traders who want to be shared and copied with their followers. The compensation is determined by the lot size traded.
  • Followers – These users can copy the strategy of the signal provider. You can copy the portfolio strategy created by other followers as a follower.

Minimum Initial Deposit

The minimum deposit money accour by trader to trader. Certain traders available on ZuluTrade require a minimum transaction of just $1, while others may require $300, $210, €250, $25,000, or $300. You must maintain a balance of at least $100 in your ZuluTrade account to maintain connectivity to the platform.

Payment Method

Deposit as well as withdrawal systems vary depending on the broker the users are utilized, but such as:

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • ZuluTrade master card

Testimonials, as well as reviews of ZuluTrade, have been fast to highlight money send as well as withdrawal charges, at the end these will depend on which trader is utilized.



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