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The Best Australian Cities

If you are planning to visit Australia, the city of Sydney should definitely be on your list. It is the largest city in Australia and is full of people from all over the world. The sparkling harbor is a must-see while you’re here, as it’s filled with cosmopolitan attractions, hidden parklands, and botanical gardens. You should also visit the national parks and take the walking tracks that lead to breathtaking lookouts. You’ll also have a chance to check out the historic pubs and historical landmarks that line the cobblestone streets of the city’s Rocks district.

The capital of New South Wales, Sydney is a world-famous surf city with top-notch entertainment venues and a dazzling harbor. This city also has some of the oldest public gardens in the Southern Hemisphere. You’ll also find a stunning, iconic building here: the Sydney Opera House. Designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon in a 1956 competition, it’s Australia’s most famous building.

The choice of an Australian city is largely personal, but there are a few general guidelines that can help you decide on the right one for your trip. The population of each city varies, but the majority of them are under a million people. State capitals are highlighted in bold. When choosing a city, it’s important to keep in mind that the ABS does not render population projections for urban centres. The figures on this website are only as current as the most recent census year.



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