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There are plenty of great mobile phone games to play on Android if you love Zelda!
Every console has a flagship franchise, and you could argue that a big company like Nintendo has a few. A series called The Legend of Zelda has been around for years and fans are obsessed with the gameplay, graphics, and stories involved with each of the adventures. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and eventually, you will finish the games and be left with nothing else to play. This is where your smartphone comes into play as there are several games like Zelda for Android you could download.
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These games are the next best thing to playing the actual Legend of Zelda games as you wait for the next installment in the series. They each have their own special charm that makes them similar to The Legend of Zelda, while still holding onto their own special flair that sets them apart from the rest.
Updated August 9, 2021, by Kristy Ambrose: Games for Android have evolved well past the simple days of puzzles and board games. There are some vast and complex role-playing and adventure games currently available for Andriod, and the inventory of items they offer, along with their lore, characters, and storylines, is comparable to the library for consoles and desktop computers. There are even more new RPG titles for the smartphone operating system for players who are fans of Nintendo’s most beloved fantasy adventure franchise. We’ve added to our list of suggestions for Android games that are like The Legend of Zelda.
Ittle Dew will cost you about $2.00 to download, and although this isn’t the most expansive option available for Android games like Zelda, the price is more than worth it. This charming little game takes you on an adventure with a girl and her flying companion, a creature that reminds you of a weasel, as they are shipwrecked on an island. You must help her find a way home by solving a variety of puzzles. What makes this most like a Zelda game for Andriod is the view and graphics, but it has less emphasis on combat.
The most recent installment of a popular RPG series that relies more on a hack and slash environment as opposed to a storytelling aesthetic, Dungeon Hunter 5 has all of the cool stuff from the previous games in the franchise. There is an over-arching storyline that your character players through, and it has a similar structure to the Baldur’s Gate series in the sense that the next game often picks up right where the last one left off.
You can buy this game for $10.00 on Google Play, and it’s a full game as opposed to a smaller Android game that only lasts a few hours. It is a bit older as it was first released back in 1993, so it’s ideal for those who have fond memories of TLoZ on vintage Nintendo consoles.
This is a remastered version of the old game, but the only downside is that the 3D remake isn’t available on Android. It has a ring command system that makes it very easy to perform actions and you play as a character named Randi who is followed by his two companions. It has real-time battles and it focuses on the magical powers of mana as you work to save the world from peril.
This is an action RPG that assembles a group of heroes to save the world, and it is still free to download and play. There are different classes of heroes in Zenonia 4, as well as various difficulty modes, so it suits players of all playstyles. The story is what makes this Android game like The Legend of Zelda. It’s phenomenal and gives all the Zelda vibes you need to fill the empty spot in your heart that was left after finishing the last game.
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Quirky and creative, Anodyne is for Zelda fans who prefer the darker side of the series, with games like Majora’s Mask being the most obvious example. This is even described as a Zelda-lite game, so it’s open about the source of inspiration for the adventure and characters. It’s available for both Android and modern versions of Windows. It’s also economical at a low price of $5.00, and you might even be able to buy it as a bundle with the recent sequel that was released in 2019, Anodyne 2.
The Fable of Ruby is a Zelda-like game for Android that follows the story of a girl who works for someone who works in a laboratory in a tower. She can acquire various weapons, explore dungeons, and search 200 rooms as she makes her way through the various stages.
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The game does cost $1.99 but it is well worth the cost to play this dungeon-crawling Zelda-like game for Andriod. However, it does take a bit of patience if you like to rush into fights, as sitting back and thinking through a problem is the better approach for steady progression.
The lore behind this Titan Souls is what might remind you of The Legend of Zelda while playing this game. Titan Souls are the life force that forms part of the objective during your adventure and collecting them will give someone truth and power. You will make your way through the world defeating titans in an effort to collect shards. At $7.00 US, this is one of the more expensive Zelda Android titles on the list, so only true fans will see the worth in making this expensive purchase.
Oceanhorn sends you into uncharted waters to find your father who disappeared one day without a trace. Aside from being a Zelda-like game for Andriod, it also recalls other vintage Nintendo titles like Star Tropics. It is in 3D, which brings it up a notch from the previous century, and has a story that you won’t ever forget, but it does require a single in-app purchase if you want to unlock the full version. Two of the cool things about this game are that you can use a controller and it has over ten hours of gameplay.
Stories of Bethem – Full Moon is another Zelda-like Android game that’s more about brains than brawn. It’s filled with tons of mind-boggling puzzles for you to solve. You are tasked with exploring the vast world in order to uncover its secrets and some of the stories will shock you. There are even tons of monsters for you to fight and costumes for you to wear to show your progression. It’s free on the app store, but there is a single payment if you want to unlock the full game.
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This is a free app that is a fantasy RPG, and this Zelda-like game for Android will take you on a magical adventure like never before. You will fight plenty of monsters like orcs, dragons, and ogres and you get to decide what kind of hero you want to be. It could be that you were born to be a Wizard, or maybe a Warrior or Cleric more suits your style as you harness the elements and recruit all different species of this world to be your allies.
Evoland takes the player on a 2D and 3D journey through the history of video games. You will explore dungeons, solve puzzles, and unlock achievements as you make your way through this world, which is designed as a tribute to all manner of early RPG games, not just Zelda. There are no ads or in-app payments so it is well worth the $2.50 to buy this game. If you like it, consider the sequel, which has more to offer but requires more of an investment at $7.50.
Legend of the Skyfish has a hand-painted art style that looks similar to both Wind Waker and A Link to the Past. It is now available on a variety of platforms, including Android, and you can play half the game for free before you have to purchase the rest. You utilize a fishing pole as a weapon and tool while you solve puzzles and grapple your way around the map. There are 45 levels and tons of bosses to defeat as you make your way to fight the Skyfish.
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